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on March 28, 2017 - 10:37am
High heels, no clouds.
Sunkissed in-crowd.
Can’t stop, slow down.
I want ya, I want ya.

No cold, no rain.
One kiss, no pain.
Tell me again,
I want ya, I want ya.

You don’t wanna talk,
Then you wanna talk,
Then you wanna tell me I’m wrong,
And to move along,
Then you wander back in my heart,
Like a bitter song,
And we’re never done,
‘Cause I need your love.
I need your love.

You and me gonna live for today girl.
I’m the luckiest man in the whole world.
Stole my heart but,
Can’t afford ya.
All I know is I’m with you today girl,
And I’m the luckiest man in the whole world.
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Someone Singing Along

on March 28, 2017 - 10:36am
Somebody’s gonna wave a flag.
Somebody’s going to attack.
Someone’ll tell you to take a side,
Tell you their version of wrong or right.

Somebody’s gonna let you in,
Judged on the colour of your skin.
Slam the door in the face of your friend,
Simply because you don’t look like him.

And then you gotta find the way that you’re walking.
Everybody’s walking.
You gotta find the words to say when you’re talking.
Everybody’s talking.

So I built the words into a song.
I’m hoping someone’s singing along.
And even if some notes are wrong,
I’m hoping someone’s singing along.
‘Cause just one voice is not
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Don't Give Me Those Eyes

on March 28, 2017 - 10:35am
Staring at you naked.
Hotel room in Vegas.
I love you but I hate it,
And we can’t tell anyone.
Take this love and break it.
I don’t think I can take it.
Go back to him and fake it.
Don’t tell him what you’ve done.

But when we’re caught in this feeling,
And I taste your love and I taste your love.
Whatever the meaning,
Well, it’s not enough, no it’s not enough.
I want to believe in,
In a thing called love, in a thing called love.
Caught in this feeling.
In this feeling.
In this feeling.
Don’t give me those eyes,
‘Cause you know me and I can’t say no to you.
We can’t have each other, even if we
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Lose My Number

on March 28, 2017 - 10:35am
Did you forget to call me,
Or baby did you lose my number?
Don’t tell me that you’re sorry.
Whose covers are you sleeping under?

I was just across the street,
And I just wanted to reach out,
Thinking we could get together.
And I didn’t mean to stalk you,
But I saw that guy you talked to.
Everybody knows I’m jealous.

And I know it’s not all about me.
I know that you don’t come easily,
But you reach for the stars if it’s worth it.
If you’re gonna act like we’re just friends,
Throw away the messages I sent.
If you’re playin’ a game then it’s workin’.

Did you forget to call me,
Or baby did you
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on March 28, 2017 - 10:34am
It’s a little after midnight there’s a couple in the corner,
And I wonder what he said because she’s crying.
And I guess they won’t remember when they wake up in the morning,
With a headache from the whisky and the wine.
I know that I have said things I regret when I am sober,
‘Cause we always hurt the ones we love the most.
I messed up and I know it, if I hurt you, girl, I’m sorry,
But it’s good to see the girl I used to know.
We could dance, but I can’t dance.
Maybe we could stick to holding hands?
Or should we raise a glass, and forget the past?

If we keep on drinking we’re gonna fall back