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Courtney's Song

on March 28, 2017 - 10:41am
There’s still a light on your table.
There’s still your name on my phone.
I can’t believe I’m not able,
To call.
We met in a beautiful place.
You danced, I talked.
I go back there every single day.
I’m still there, but you’re not.

You lit me up, and you let me inside.
Then you disappeared with no warning sign.
You broke more than my heart,
When you left without saying goodbye.
I’m here to let you know,
I’m here to let you go.

There’s still your voice in my memory.
There’s still the way that you move.
I can’t believe that’s the way out,
You choose.
We live in a beautiful world.
We dance, we
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on March 28, 2017 - 10:40am
Holding back, gold and black.
Oh god, you’re beautiful.
In my throat, kaleidoscope.
Oh god, it’s beautiful.

I feel my heart beating.
I feel my blood pumping.
It isn’t love, coming up, and it’s me or nothing.
Like a life saver,
All the signs that,
There may be trouble in my head.

Let love be the reason for breathing.
Let love be the light in your eye.
‘Cause you and me don’t need a reason,
To fall in love tonight.
So darling won’t you close your eyes,
Hold on tight.
We’ll find paradise.
Let love be the reason for breathing.
You and I,
You and I, tonight.

Rip chord.
Oh god, it’s
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on March 28, 2017 - 10:40am
Let it slide, all the choices I made.
Let it burn, as it rolls down my face.
Let it fall, just to be the one again.
But if I want, I won’t be loved by you at all.

Let it slip, every promise I break.
Let it burn, all the blows that we trade.
Let it fall, ‘cause this place has been condemned,
And we both know that we can’t be here anymore.

Yeah, I know I pulled a pin on your heart,
But I lost sight of the target when you let down your guard,
Should have run, run a hundred miles,
Never look back, Jack, ‘cause now we can’t backtrack.
And yeah, I know what you’ll say,
Nothing can change, no one to
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Time Of Our Lives

on March 28, 2017 - 10:39am
Don’t close your eyes dear,
Don’t you be nervous.
You put this hold damn place in a spell.
I see your friends here, and some of them jealous,
‘Cause they know this love don’t come off the shelf.

I saw your mother, she looks so beautiful.
Remember when she didn’t think I would stay?
But all of those late night broke-as-hell dinners,
Led us to where we’re standing today.

I’m feeling time move slow.
I’m seeing faces glow.
None of them shine as bright,
As you tonight.
I’m hearing voices hush.
There’s no one else but us.
Darling, there’s so much love,
Under these lights.
If it’s okay let’s just
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Make Me Better

on March 28, 2017 - 10:38am
You make me breakfast every morning.
You make me sleep all through the night.
You make me worry without any warning.
Let me just lie here and drown in your eyes, dear.

You make me sorry that this wasn’t always.
You make me hungry for your body, babe.
You make run down hospital hallways.
You gave me life, dear, and he’s got your eyes.

I waited so long, baby, I did you wrong,
Let’s me make up for the time we’ve wasted.
You would wait by the phone every time I was gone,
But all along…

You are everything I have never been.
I want you to make me better.
And I’ve been wondering why you let me in.